Hi Buildtopians, we have decided to move to a new launcher and a new pack,The new launcher will be ATL if you wish to follow us please download it. The new pack is the MadPack on AT launcher. We are hoping you will all join us on there, for a fresh start an new exciting pack!

We feel that FTB is doing a poor job on updating the packs or give support for the launcher and thats mainly why we are moving to a different pack and launcher. Now there is no guarantees that everything will go smooth but we will try our best to make this transit as smooth as possible.

The AT launcher can be downloaded at and the pack we will be using is the MadPack which is a combination of survival and tech.

Big Updates Incoming

LeChuuck a posted Apr 4, 14
We have some pretty big updates upcoming in the next few weeks, when we are closer to launch of the updates then we will give you more information. This is something that will benefit all the players in the long run and hopefully all of you will enjoy it as much as we do.

Gizzys Real Estate

LeChuuck a posted Mar 28, 14
We have a new service we would like to offer our players on the server for more info contact Gizzy.

Are you bored with your old house? Do you want a new look but don't know what to build? Then come to Gizzys real estate, where all your dreams can come true

Lovelly houses at cheap prices built for you!

Horse Racing

LeChuuck a posted Jan 17, 14
New Event - Horse Racing

Ever dreamt of racing your own horse and winning? Well now is your chance.
Come to buildtopia racetrack, Buy a horse, Buy a saddle, Then train your horse.

Enter our races to make your dreams come true and maybe win prizes!
Spectators will be able to bet on the day on the horse they think will win.
Riders pay 100 bytes to enter the race.

You can bet with Bytes max limit of bet is 100 Bytes , the winner gets the Bytes.
If you fancy being a jockey or watching the racing all are welcome!! Come and join the fun.

Last Man Standing

LeChuuck a posted Jan 10, 14
Last Man Standing - New Event

There will be prizes for the last man standing, the prizes run as follows.

1. Prize for winning 3 consecutive last man standing in a row, Is a Quantum Suit.

2. Prize for taking part in and winning 2 consecutive events is a full set of Amethyst Armor.

3. Prize for taking part in and winning last man standing is a Alamite Cleaver.

May the Last Man Standing win!
Hope you had a great Christmas everyone. We will soon be in the New Year, and with the New Year Buildtopia will be moving to a new modpack and 1.6.4.

The new modpack we will be moving to is Tech World 2, This modpack has all the technical FTB you could ever want!

Tech includes :
Rotarycraft , make your own engines learn how to use torque and speed, an much much more!
Open Blocks , Have help with building weather it be a dome or a square,use magic crayons,canvas an paint or build 3d maps of your base!
Biomes o Plenty , New tree s and weird and wonderful plants.
In this pack you can breed bees , do ic2 crop breeding,use Computercraft, Stevescarts, Tconstruct, Bibliocraft, Big reactors , Applied energistics and much more.

We hope you will join us for a new start and a Happy New Year to all of you!

Happy Christmas

LeChuuck a posted Dec 24, 13

Happy Christmas !

Hope all of you will have a nice christmas and a happy new year, from all of us at BuildTopia.
diggerdeanie SideKick happy christmas to you also ...
We have judge all the pixel arts and we have a winner, Monkcrouch96 congratulations on building a nice pixel art.

It was not a easy decision there where some nice pixel arts and it was a shame that some was unfinished, we will have some more competitions in the future if you are up for the challenge.

I want to thank all that participated and now when the competitions is over please dismantle your art, if not then we will dismantle the arts after a week.
Welcome to the BuildTopia Pixel Art Competition. 

This competition is open for all BuildTopia players.
We hope you will use your imagination and come up with some nice images that can be seen from Spawn.
To enter follow the rules on the computer screen and most of all have fun!
There is a prize at the end for all those willing to take part.
You have plenty of time to dream up some amazing pixel art so lets get those imaginations working!

Rules for Pixel art competition.

  • Plots are 30x30 and can go no wider or longer.
  • The pixel art can be built as high as you wish.
  • The plot to enter the competition costs 250 coins.
  • Any materials you can find or build can be used.
  • The First prize for the pixel art is a shop plot in the market worth 13000 coins.
  • You have 4 weeks to build your art work from the date the competition opens.
  • The pixel art will be judged the day after the closing date.
  • All decision's are final.
  • No copying other players, no griefing.
  • Normal spawn rules apply here also.
  • No rude or pornographic images.

City Bonus

LeChuuck a posted Oct 10, 13
We want to promote and encourage group / team play so players that decide to build together and make a city will get different bonuses the list is still being worked on and with time it will expand.

  • 4 or more people living in 1 area, must have 1 build per person.
  • A city must have a mayor, It must be subdivided plots.
  • There must be a town hall or centre of the city.
  • The city must have a name clearly printed on a sign within it.
  • City's can have its own rules but must obey general rules of spawn.
  • If a city meets all the criteria the mayor can ask for a warp.
  • When there is 6 players in a city the city is allowed a ts channel.
  • 4 People in the city get bonus of 750 coins per player times one.

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